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Only creates server tracker in Iran

Toosara Company is proud to be the first and only manufacturer of tracking servers in Iran and even in the Middle East. The server is 100% native with 100% hardware and hardware and has been mass-produced

Holder of the e-trust product symbol

The broker has the symbol of e-trust, and all the electronic equipment sold by the online store under the supervision of this organization is reviewed and approved by the organization.

Over 14 years of experience

Starting in the year 2005, the company started its activities in the field of electronic industry, and now with more than 14 years of experience in this field Produces and markets the latest and most advanced electronic equipment

Holder of exploitation license from the Ministry of Industry and Mining

Ursa has received a license to operate the Ministry of Industry and Mines on issue No. 1032/34882 dated July 29, 2009.

Everywhere, always be safe

Our Microlino

Always using a multipurpose tracker can be enjoyable for all of us. You may at some point use the GPS tracker to track children or animals.

MicroLine Multifunction Tracker

Due to its small size and weight, it is very much appreciated and used in such cases as caring for children, caring for elderly people, precious animals

And it is worthwhile.

The most important feature of this detector is the ability to record audio at the moment and report the moment to the moment of possible happenings in the location.

It is noteworthy that: The tracker is capable of managing via SMS, Android, OS, Windows and the web.

Animals Children Old mans 8 خودرو Mayra خودرو M خودرو Hx-4 خودرو Gx-2 خودرو

Tracker model

Online tracking

Tracking the flight
gps when there is no signal

Connector to stamping


Tracking and settings via SMS

Reporting with software
(Ios - Android-Windows-Web)

Cut off the car

Secure Park

Disturbing sensor

The car's power will be cut off if the disturbing device approaches the detector in safe parking mode

8 hours to 1 week

8 hours to 1 week

8 hours to 1 week

8 hours to 1 week

8 hours to 1 week

8 hours to 1 week

8 hours to 1 week

8 hours to 1 week

Duration of battery charge

Settings via bluetooth

30 30 30 70 35 86 30 60

Weight in grams



4.5*6*2 6*9*2 5*10*2 6*10*2.5 4.5*6.*2 5*8.5*2

Dimensions in cm

Download and use the software through the links below
Android Software Download
Ios Software Download
Windows Software Download
Golden System Login
Bronze System Login
Charging System Login
Installation Tracker File Download File
Tracker Catalog Download Catalog

There are some reasons to install fire alarms and fire alarms. If you try to protect your family and assets like others, as with others, home security is one of the reasons why people buy dual-booters, but did you know that the protection Is home against the robbers just one of the many work that they can do to save money?

Safeguarding the family against house invasion

Alarm is very common because it is an open source and it takes away robbers away from home. Research shows that many house robberies occur on a day when homeowners and school children are home.

The safety of a home during a fire (when nobody is at home or does not notice the creation of fire):

Fire occurs at any time. Fire is one of the major causes of death and severe physical and financial damage. At least one smoke detector system is important on the alarm system, and most importantly, enable it to always be active. Control everything. With this, protect your lives and your loved ones.

Keep pets safe

Some households have their own pets at home. Occasionally, residents are on the job or traveling. These animals may be home alone and protect them from home when they are not at home. Systems are also protected against robbery, as well as in the presence of a fire detection system in the home. These are just some of the many reasons why installing a home alarm system is necessary.

The device is fully wireless and easy to install and run. It is also possible to transfer the system to another location, reinstall at any time, control the function and troubleshoot the system easily and in the shortest possible time.

Microlino fire extinguishing are one of the most comprehensive and high-quality security systems manufactured In World.

Some of the special features and features of the Microlino fire extinguishing are listed below :

Anti-fire and fire alert on a device (saving on purchase and running costs

Sufficient equipment for 8 units and separate control for all units

Equipped with Symmetry Phone (with Persian Messenger)

Remedy to keep device inactive

Personnel control

Spellbinding message and firewall, distinct (ability to record your voice

Connectivity to wireless sensor

Anti-fire metal body (made by Robot

Not having the same internal and external

Has 4 programmable wired areas

Has 4 programmable wireless earpieces

It has 8 customizable fire alarm areas

Device settings via SMS and Internet

24 volt fire alarm

Ability to add relay board

Related Software and Files
Device settings general software Download
Eternity software device Download
Advanced settings guide Download
Simple setup guide file Login
SMS file settings guide with Login

The first and only manufacturer

ToosAra is the first and only manufacturer of a tracking server in Iran

Some of our server tracker features:

MicroLino detector server In several models for applications:

  • Organizational
  • Corporate
  • Special fire brigade
  • Special emergency applications
With diverse reports

دارد تنظیمات از طریق بلوتوس
کانکتور دزگیر درگاه تغذیه
دارد ریموت 315 یا 433
دارد سیستم امنیتی
دارد ( رادار-ضربه-قفل مرکزی-صندوق پران-آژیر-درب مثبت و منفی - ترمزدستی ) ورودی خروجی سیستم امنیتی(دزگیر)
دارد ردیابی انلاین (اندروید ،Ios ، Web , ویندوز)
دارد ردیابی افلاین جهت مواقع عدم سیگنال Gprs (حافظه داخلی)
دارد ردیابی و تنظیمات از طریق SMS
دارد میکروفون
وب،اندروید،Ios ،ویندوز گزارش گیری
دارد قطع کن خودرو
دارد پارک امن (اطلاع در صورت جابجا شدن ماشین از محل پارک)
دارد (حسگر مختل کننده:چناچه دستگاه مختل کننده به ردیاب نزدیک شود، و ردیاب در حالت پارک امن لاشد،برق خودرو قطع خواهد شد) حسگر مختل کننده
دارد باتری پشتیبان
8ساعت تا یک هفته مدت زمان شارژ باتری
دارد بروز رسانی تحت اینترنت
چندگانه پروتکل داده خروجی برای اتصال به سرورهای دیگر
250گرم وزن
12*8*2.5 سانتی متر ابعاد
قابل نصب سنسورها

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